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Curriculum for excellence

Home Learning

Parents and carers are encouraged to ensure that each week day evening, one to two hours is spent on uninterrupted study. This will cover specific tasks given by subject teachers, extra studies, research work, and much needed revision. This is necessary if work completed in class is to be adequately reinforced and developed.

There is a relatively uniform distribution of home learning activities throughout the week.

Parents and carers should always endeavour to provide a quiet space with reasonable facilities for home study. If at any point in your child’s educational journey your child experiences any difficulties with home learning, please make an appointment to discuss this with the subject teacher or Form Tutor.


Integration of Virtual Learning Platforms

The last two academic years have seen our school community implement various platforms for our pupils to learn online, and remote learning continues to play a significant role in the educational provision we deliver to our young people. Our teachers continue to develop a wide range of strategies to support effective remote learning, whether this be for home study to support daily lessons, when pupils cannot be in school at all, or when integrated into face-to-face lessons.