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Pupil Wellbeing

At Saintfield High School every single child is valued.

Our staff, both teaching and non-teaching work tirelessly, to provide high quality pastoral provision to every boy and girl in our care. It is very much our aspiration that every pupil will feel safe, happy and content within our school community.


When commencing Saintfield High School each pupil embarks upon a pastoral journey – this is mapped out across five years to ensure provisions are adequate, relevant, age appropriate and always child centred. The pupil Resilience Curriculum is based entirely upon feedback, via surveys, questionnaires and interviews from parents/carers, pupils and staff.

We fully appreciate the importance of pupils’ emotional well-being, especially for the current generation. We seek to equip our pupils with skills, coping mechanisms and the ability to manage their emotional and mental well-being in a positive manner, even when the challenges of life are all too apparent. The Resilience Curriculum we have in place assists pupils to develop holistically, and we hope that such provisions will equip them with the skills and ability to make well thought-out and informed decisions throughout life.

The Resilience Curriculum provided to the pupils at Saintfield High School combines a mix of teacher led delivery and a range of external agencies with a specialism in their field. Saintfield High School continues to engage with a range of outside agencies to support and enrich the delivery of the established programmes. External agencies graciously give their time to connect with pupils remotely and to deliver child centred pastoral provision on a range of platforms.
School Prefects and Mentors also deliver workshops, on key pastoral issues to their peers, throughout the year. We are very proud of them!

The influence from outside agencies positively reiterates and echoes all that is delivered and discussed within the school community.


We are confident that the systems in place will provide pupils with a wide and balanced insight into a range of relevant issues. We earnestly hope that such provisions will equip our pupils with resilience and the ability to make well thought-out and informed decisions, skills which are of paramount importance in adulthood. In all that we do the needs of our pupils comes first – after all it is every boy and girl, alongside a wonderful team of staff, that makes Saintfield High School so unique and special.