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Under the provision of the Education Reform (NI) Order 1989, the Board of Governors respect parental rights to exercise their preference, where possible, in placing their children in schools of their choice. In the consideration of each application, the Governors will base their decisions upon the criteria listed below.

Criteria for Admission

1. They will expect in each case, that the parent(s)/carer(s) making such application will have made prior contact with the Principal of the school their child presently attends and submitted the relevant application form for admission to Saintfield High School Years 9 – 12.

3. The Governors will also require from previous school(s) reports and details of all relevant information regarding their child’s progress and behavioural problems should any exist.

4. In each case the application will be considered provided that the enrolment number set for the school as a whole would not be exceeded by the admission of the child. Year 8 – 12 ~ 340 + statemented pupils (SEN register Level 5).

5. A pupil will be accepted for enrolment provided that, in the opinion of the Governors, this action will not prejudice or diminish the quality of education provided for the existing pupils or their welfare.

6. The inclusion of an additional pupil does not cause classes to exceed the limits laid down by regulation, in particular classes in practical subjects.

7. The Governors will consider implications for the delivery of the compulsory curriculum and provided this is not prejudiced entry will be permitted.

8. Consideration will be given to the needs of each pupil seeking entry to the school and the Governors will base their decision as to whether it is, in their opinion, in the pupil’s best interest to transfer.

9. Preference will be given to an applicant who has or has had an older or younger child of the family enrolled at the school, or whose parent/carer is a permanent employee of the school, at the date of completion of the application form provided points 1 – 5 above are met.

Where there are still more pupils than places available in Years 9 – 12, names of applicants will be placed on a waiting list. Priority will be given to those applicants who:

(a) have or have had an older or younger child of the family* enrolled at the school, or whose parent/carer is a permanent employee of the school;

(b) applied to Saintfield High School and named Saintfield High School as their first choice post primary school as part of the transfer process;

(c) applied to Saintfield High School as part of the transfer process.

Where the application is carried over from the transfer process, applications will remain in the ranked order according to the published criteria for entry into Year 8 for the academic year for which application was made. Thereafter, applications will be placed in date order of receipt of completed AP1 application form.

This waiting list will be updated annually.

Should a place become available the Principal will arrange an interview and the above criteria will be applied. The Principal will consult with the Governors in all cases of application for entry to Saintfield High School.

*Child of the family as defined in DE Circular 2022/15 The Procedure for Transfer from Primary to Post Primary Education, Annex 2, Paragraph 3