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Curriculum for Excellence

Helping students to make their own decisions in life

Careers education plays a significant role in the full development of our pupils. The aim of the careers team is to provide information on, and knowledge of, a wide range of career paths, and to enhance pupils’ awareness of their achievements, skills, qualities and capabilities.

Routine careers advice is offered to all pupils in Years 11 and 12 with the emphasis being on helping them to make their own decisions in life.

The expertise of our teaching staff is supplemented by the Careers Adviser from the Department for the Economy, who visits the school weekly to give any practical help necessary. A wide range of careers talks and visits involving a variety of outside agencies and companies provide a vibrant and dynamic addition to the careers curriculum.

Our Year 10 pupils begin the process of personal career planning through the Learning for Life and Work curriculum which is continued into Senior School in addition to designated careers time.

Our Year 11 pupils will have the opportunity to experience a variety of industrial sectors through a series of educational visits during which they will engage directly with employers.

Our Year 12 pupils take part in simulated interviews which are an invaluable opportunity to gain experience of interviewing for the world of work.

Pupil Achievements

At Saintfield High School, we are extremely proud of all that our pupils achieve, through their studies, and through their pursuits outside of the classroom. The importance of examinations for entry to higher and further education and employment cannot be overlooked. Results for external examinations have been of a consistently high standard over many years within the school. It is our policy that all pupils attempt to complete qualifications in the fullest range of subjects possible at GCSE level, and other Level 2 options.

“Our high standards of teaching and learning continue to bring rewards. Last year’s Year 12, who completed their education at Saintfield High School in June 2023, achieved an impressive set of GCSE results, which reflect their individual success. We are simply delighted that 82% of our pupils in 2023 achieved five or more GCSE grades at A*- C, with 65% of all pupils achieving five or more GCSE Grades at A* – C, including English and Mathematics. Additionally, each and every pupil left, having developed a wide range of skills in sport, music and a variety of extra-curricular interests, and indeed social skills.