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Curriculum for excellence

Key Stage Three Curriculum for Excellence

At Saintfield High School, we strive to ensure that every single pupil achieves their full potential and there are many strands which contribute to our ‘Curriculum for Excellence’.

The curriculum for Years 8-10 enables each pupil to realise his or her true potential at Key Stage Three. Children are given the opportunity to excel in a range of subject areas, and are supported fully in these important school years.

During Years 8, 9 and 10, pupils will have the opportunity to study the following subjects.

Art & Design

Students explore creativity through various mediums, honing their artistic skills and expressing ideas visually.


Developing language proficiency, students engage in literature, writing, and communication skills to foster effective expression and comprehension.


Exploring past events and their impact, students analyse historical contexts, fostering critical thinking and understanding societal development.


Investigating the Earth's features, students study landscapes, climates, and human interactions to comprehend global patterns and environmental challenges.


Focused on technology skills, students learn to navigate digital tools, fostering proficiency in information processing and communication technologies.

Food Science & Nutrition

Understanding the science behind food, students explore nutrition, culinary techniques, and the impact of diet on health and well-being.


Developing musical skills and appreciation, students engage in various aspects of music, including performance, composition, and music theory.

Technology & Design

Focused on design principles and technology, students learn problem-solving and creative thinking through practical applications.


Covering biology, chemistry, and physics, students explore the fundamental principles of science through hands-on experiments and theoretical understanding.

Physical Education

Promoting physical fitness and well-being, students participate in sports and activities to develop teamwork, coordination, and a healthy lifestyle.

Religious Education

Exploring diverse beliefs and ethical considerations, students gain insights into various religions and their impact on culture and society.


Building mathematical proficiency, students develop problem-solving and analytical skills through the study of numbers, algebra, geometry, and statistics.


Developing language skills, students learn French vocabulary, grammar, and cultural aspects to enhance their proficiency in the French language.

Learning for Life & Work

Integrating practical life skills, students engage in topics such as personal development, financial literacy, and career awareness.