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Curriculum for Excellence

Key stage 4 curriculum of excellence

At Saintfield High School, we strive to ensure that every single pupil achieves their full potential and there are many strands which contribute to our ‘Curriculum for Excellence’.

The curriculum for Years 11 and 12 is determined by core subjects, which are compulsory, and a selection of subjects which are chosen by pupils at the endof Year 10. At Saintfield High School, we continually review and revise our Key Stage Four curriculum so that it fully meets the interests and aptitudes of our pupils.

Compulsory Subjects

GCSE English Language

Focused on developing communication skills, students engage in the study of language, literature, and effective written and spoken expression.

GCSE Mathematics

Building advanced mathematical proficiency, students explore algebra, geometry, statistics, and calculus to enhance problem-solving abilities.

GCSE Learning for Life and Work

Integrating practical life skills, this course covers topics such as personal development, financial literacy, and career awareness.

Religious Studies

Exploring diverse beliefs and ethical considerations, students critically analyze religious perspectives and their impact on society.

Additional Subjects

Agriculture & Land use

Students explore sustainable farming practices and land management, gaining insights into the environmental impact of agriculture.

Art and Design

Advancing artistic skills and creativity, students delve into various mediums, techniques, and conceptual approaches in visual expression.

Creative Arts and Digital Technologies

Integrating artistic creativity with digital skills, students explore multimedia, design, and digital artistry.

English Literature

Analysing and interpreting literary works, students engage with classic and contemporary texts, deepening their understanding of literature.

Food and Nutrition

Investigating the science of food and its impact on health, students explore advanced concepts in nutrition and culinary science.


Developing advanced language proficiency, students refine their French grammar, vocabulary, and cultural understanding.


Examining global issues and spatial relationships, students explore advanced geographical concepts, including geopolitics and environmental sustainability.

Health and Social Care

Focusing on healthcare and social service provision, students study topics related to well-being, health systems, and social care practices.


Analysing complex historical narratives and critical perspectives, students explore key events and their consequences in-depth.

IT Applications

Building on technology skills, students delve into the applications of information technology in various fields.

Motor Vehicle & Road User Studies

Exploring automotive technology and road safety, students gain knowledge about vehicle mechanics and responsible road use.


Advancing musical skills and theory, students explore composition, music technology, and critical analysis of various musical genres.

Occupational Studies

Focused on practical vocational skills, students engage in hands-on learning related to specific career pathways.

Physical Education

Emphasising fitness and skill development, students participate in advanced sports and physical activities for a holistic approach to well-being.

Prince's Trust

Focused on personal development and community engagement, students participate in a program designed to enhance life skills and leadership.

Single Award Science

Continuing the study of biology, chemistry, and physics, students explore more advanced scientific theories and practical applications.

Double Award Science

Continuing the study of biology, chemistry, and physics, students explore more advanced scientific theories and practical applications.

Technology & Design

Applying problem-solving and innovation, students explore advanced design principles and technological solutions in real-world contexts.


Pupil Progress Checks

As Study for Success Co-ordinator my role is to track pupil’s progress throughout the school. To do this I gather quantitative and qualitative data from a thorough assessment programme and diagnostic tests. I then can communicate to parents and teachers the progress of a particular pupil.

This process will lead to realistic and achievable targets for pupils and therefore produce the best possible outcome for each individual pupil. In Year 11 and Year 12 a ‘Pupil Progress Check’ system identifies those pupils not reaching their full potential. Subject teachers will make known to me those pupils who are not achieving their targets and how they believe action could be taken to improve the pupil’s outcome in their subject.

I will co-ordinate this information so that parents will be alerted to those subjects their child needs to take immediate action in to get back on track.


Mrs L Jackson

Study for success co-ordinator