The School

Members of Staff

Sarah-Lucy Hynds

MA (Hons), MA, PGCE, MEd, PQH

Our teachers and members of support staff are equally impressive with their skills, professionalism, dedication and commitment to our boys and girls, providing an exceptional educational experience for all children, with an emphasis on celebrating individual excellence, and on meeting the holistic needs of every child.


Mrs V Derby

Mrs D Artt

Mrs H Birt

Mr D Bolton

Mrs R Bradley

Mr M Carter

Mrs D Cheshire

Mr S Chisholm

Mrs S Convill

Mrs J Cooper

Mrs J Crowe

Mrs L Cullen

Mrs A Dempsey

Mrs R Elliott

Mr M Elliott

Miss L Henderson

Mrs K Hume

Mrs L Jackson

Mr C McCracken

Miss A Mullen

Mr M Murphy

Mrs S Teague


Mrs D Burrell

Mrs C French

Miss L Jamison

Mrs B Jones

Ms C Maude

Mrs R McCulla

Miss C McClure

Mrs S McDowell

Mrs V McMordie

Mrs D McKnight

Miss J Ross

Mrs K Roy


Mrs R Cully

Mrs L McClurg


Mrs S Craig

Mrs B Fletcher

Mrs S Mullan

Mrs C Payne

Building Supervisors

Mr D Mageean

Ms I Leckey