Parent Panel

Working Together

A core value within Saintfield High School is the importance of working collaboratively with parents and carers.

Strong, genuine and meaningful partnerships between school and home can create a strong sense of shared purpose and cements a desire to ensure that pupils achieve their personal best. The Parent Panel within the school plays an integral role in shaping school policy and procedures. Members of the Parent Panel willingly give of their time and expertise to assist with the running of the school and we are extremely thankful for their commitment and loyalty.

Members of the Parent Panel for 2022/2023 include:

  • Lynda Moore
  • Katy Pedlow
  • Shauna Boyle
  • Sonia Brazao
  • Sharon Allen
  • Sharon Greer
  • Magdalena Rozworski
  • Rebecca Crawford
  • Holly Pyper
  • Victoria Graham
  • Olive Stevenson
  • Janine Bowen
  • Rona Girvan
  • Sharon Morrison
  • Vanessa Grattan
  • Julie Price
  • Robert Coogan
  • Tanya Kelso
  • Todd Minnis
  • Donna Anderson