A School Connected to its Community

Community Collaboration

It is our vision for the future that Saintfield High School becomes even more community focused, as it continues to serve the village and wider area. Our staff and pupils are fully committed to involvement in community activity, and it is our hope that we continue to strengthen links with a range of outside and neighbouring agencies, businesses, organisations, and local people.

At Saintfield High School, we believe the answer to real education and school transformation is strong, authentic community connections and actions. Great examples of school/community partnerships are happening all over the world,
and it is important that we ensure they are relevant to the needs of 21st century learners.

We actively promote community and business school partnerships, meaningful and effective parental collaboration, a curriculum connected to real world experiences, pupils’ voices, and crossgeneration learning.

Cultural Awareness and Fundraising

During the school year fundraising is organised regularly, with many local and national charities receiving significant donations as a result of our pupils’ hard work and the generosity of parents and carers and of the wider community.

The pastoral philosophies which underpin our school community promote, encourage and foster the development of empathy and understanding.

Our work in supporting charities exemplifies this commitment to others.
For the academic year 2017-2018, all of this activity and effort resulted in an impressive £6,516.10 being raised and donated to worthy causes.

Through these activities, our learning community finds that by giving, there is a great deal to be gained.