Student Voice

Within Saintfield High School community every child matters. Each and every pupil is encouraged to express their feelings and contribute to the vision and future direction of the school.

The Student Voice is a group of pupils from all year groups who meet on a regular basis to discuss and debate issues pertaining to school development and policy. Members of Student Voice are encouraged to present and share the feelings or concerns of their counterparts. The contribution of Student Voice is never taken for granted. Their ideas are received, considered and reflected upon with the utmost sincerity.

The Student Voice for the academic year 2022-2023 are:

Year 8

  • Mollie Thompson 8TG
  • Annie Scarlett 8MY
  • Annabelle Lewis 8BI
  • Lena McCorriston 8HU

Year 9

  • Charlie Forsythe 9BK
  • Adam Colgan 9JA
  • Tyler McMaster 9SM

Year 10

  • Jude Cunningham 10MC
  • Poppy McConnell 10CP
  • Alex Fawcett 10MU

Year 11

  • Ocean Webster 11EW
  • Miriam Gibson 11KI
  • Robbie Douglas 11EL

Year 12

  • Jorgia Robinson Shields 12CR
  • Robyn Minnis 12HE
  • Jake Fawcett 12SC

Student Voice

My favourite sport is camogie and my favourite subject is science. I like doing all the experiements and learning new facts. It's really fun. I love dogs. I have two and a goldfish.
I love the way our teachers are kind and caring and they pressure us and keep us on our toes!
Annie Scarlett 8MY

My favourite subject is French because I love Miss Smyth. She is so kind and caring. My hobbies are hockey, playing piano, ballet and singing.
I was always on our Eco-council in primary school but never our Student Voice. I am so excited to be in it this year.
Lena McCorriston 8HU

My favourite subject is French because I love my teacher Miss Smyth.
I have 6 siblings, Mabel, Bobby, Essie-May, Jon, Hugh-James and Wilfie.
I also like to bake.
The reason I wanted to be part of Student Voice is because I think I have good ideas to make our school better.
Annabelle Lewis 8BI

My hobbies are x-box and football. My favourite subject is Technology and Design. I joined Student Voice because I had a lot of votes, so I thought "Why not?"
Adam Colgan 9JA

My favourite subject is Technology. I wanted to be on the Student Voice because I want to make the school a better place for everyone.
My Hobbies are piano and drawing.
My favourite thing about Saintfield High School is moving around the school and going to the canteen.
Charlie Forsythe 9BK

My favourite subject is PE and Science, when we do practicals. Outside of school I like to do football and motorcross. I play 11 a side national league for football and MCCNI for motorbikes.
Tyler McMaster 9SM

My favourite subject is Science. I would like to do smething with Science to help people, like a children's nurse.
I love swimming, hockey, watersports and netball. I decided to join the Student Voice to help improve the school and share my classmates ideas.
Saintfield High School is like my second home and I am grateful to have a position here.
Poppy McConnell 10CP

My favourite subject is Science. I love to do all the practical experiements. I put myself forward for Student Voice because I have ideas that I think can help improve the school.
Robbie Douglas 11EL

My favourite subject is History because it has made me appreciate the way things have changed over time. My hobbies are playing piano, horse-riding,
gymnastics and hockey. I agreed to be on Student Voice because I want to make the school a better place for everyone and add to the school community. I like Saintfield High School because I feel we are all a community. I also love learning new subjects, moving about school and having different teachers.

Miriam Gibson 11KI