Year 8 Information 2020

Welcome Year 8 Pupils

I want to welcome each and every new Year 8 pupil to our school community. Transition can be a challenging and at times a frightening experience when you leave behind primary school education and embark upon a new career at secondary school. However, please be assured that the security, happiness and well-being of our pupils is of paramount importance to us. Our new Year 8 pupils are now part of our school community and we are simply delighted to welcome you. There is nothing to worry about – this is an exciting time – a new chapter in your life – the next five years will be filled with wonderful opportunities, exciting times, new friends, fresh experiences. We hope the information below will be informative and helpful to you all.

The purpose of this short video is to introduce a few people from our Induction Team – these members of staff will be very important to each and every Year 8 pupil.

A Typical day at Saintfield High School

Are There Any Activities After School?

How Do I Stay Organised?

Your Homework Diary will look like this

What Should I Wear?

What Will I Be Learning About?

What Will I Need For School?

Who Would Look After Me?

Year 8 Pupil Mentoring

Meet the Team

Year 8 Pupil Mentoring

Will other pupils in the school help me to settle in?

At Saintfield High School all pupils take care of each other. Each Year 8 class will have a Year 12 Prefect Mentor who will support, guide and advise our Year 8 pupils. Mrs Derby delivers training to all Prefects on the roles and responsibilities of being a prefect mentor, as well as the characteristics and qualities that a prefect mentor should present. Both Year 12 and Year 8 pupils gain so much from this system.

Please see below for induction PowerPoint, Parents induction book and information from Marshalls.