The role of Prefect within the school community is a highly prestigious and sought after duty. The role of Prefect/Mentor is to be treated with the utmost respect and esteem. The Head of Pastoral Care provides training for all pupils appointed to this position. Pupil training reflects upon the roles and responsibilities of being a prefect, as well as the characteristics and qualities that should be evident in every prefect’s behaviour, demeanour and attitude. Prefects are ambassadors to all of their counterparts within the school, as well as when they represent the school at key events outside of the school building.

We are proud of their achievement and congratulate the following pupils who have been appointed to the position of Prefect/Mentor for the academic year 2020-2021:-

  • Mark Anderson ~ Head Boy ~ Diversion and Inclusion Champion
  • Ben Cousins ~ Deputy Head Boy ~ Friday Pupil Support
  • Tai Campbell ~ Deputy Head Boy ~ Anti-Bullying Champion
  • Lucy Rodgers ~ Head Girl ~ Friday Pupil Support
  • Mason Scott ~ Deputy Head Girl ~ Friday Pupil Support
  • Clara Gibson ~ Deputy Head Girl
  • Sophie White ~ Prefect Responsible for Pupil Well Being
  • Zac Campbell ~ Prefect Responsible for Social Media/ICT
  • Rebecca Damerel ~ Prefect Responsible for Marketing & Hospitality
  • Hannah Dickson ~ Prefect Responsible to Head of Junior School
  • Megan Henderson ~ Prefect Responsible to Head of Senior School
  • Sophie McAlpine ~ Prefect Mentor Responsible to Principal & Vice Principal
  • Sophie Hamilton ~ Prefect Mentor Responsible to Principal & Vice Principal
  • Megan Willis ~ Prefect Mentor for School Connected to the Community
  • Rebecca Rossiter ~ Sports Prefect Mentor
  • Rhianna Robinson ~ Arts Prefect Mentor
  • Naomi Love/Ryan Neill ~ Prefect Mentor Responsible for 8BK
  • Erin Mayes/Kyle McCaw ~ Prefect Mentor Responsible for 8JA
  • Sophie White/Ben Hunter ~ Prefect Mentor Responsible for 8MY
  • Beth Scott ~ Prefect Mentor Responsible for 9AT
  • Caitlyn Walsh ~ Prefect Mentor Responsible for 9LC
  • Emma Miskelly ~ Prefect Mentor Responsible for 9KI
  • Becca Girvan ~ Prefect Mentor Responsible for 10SC
  • Jessica Hamilton ~ Prefect Mentor Responsible for 10CR
  • Alex Morrison ~ Prefect Mentor Responsible for 10HE