Pupils from all Form Classes have been taking part in a series of Anti-Bullying Workshops over the last few days, to coincide with #antibullyingweek 2019.



The Anti-Bullying workshop, taught by Mrs Bradley, was    very worthwhile. 12DE found it very interesting and I know we all learnt some tips on how to handle bullying.

Sarah Douglas 12DE


The Anti-bullying workshop was good as it educated all  Year groups. Everyone was able to take part and enjoy   the workshop hosted by Mrs Bradley. She made everything understandable.

Sarah Gibson 12DE





This programme was a great way to understand a little more about the types of bullying such as cyber, physical and social. It also helped to understand the consequences of not speaking to someone when bullied. I definitely recommend this programme to other schools because this can help others to be mindful of each other.

Mia Taggart 11MC

It was very thought provoking and made me see the terrible consequences of bullying.

Hannah Clarke 11MC