The School's History

Saintfield High School is situated in the heart of Saintfield Village and has served successfully the area and its wider rural community for over 60 years.

As a rural school, which enjoys a warm friendly community atmosphere, we share an ethos which is based upon traditional family values.  Embedded within our mission statement is the aim to provide an educational experience which targets the individual excellence within all our pupils.

We enrol boys and girls 11 – 16 years old and welcome those of all abilities, aptitudes and needs.  P7 children can apply for a place at Saintfield High School without having to sit an entrance test.


I vividly remember the first few moments of my journey through Saintfield High School…

It was September 2018, and I felt my stomach churning the night before I was due to set foot into my brand new post-primary school. So many questions were chasing each other through my head. Will I make new friends? Will I like my teachers? Will I cope with how different everything will be compared to primary school?

Soon, though, my worries fell away. I felt myself become more assertive and more confident. With the constant support of my inspirational teachers, support staff and my classmates, I soon settled and, over the course of five years, grew into person that I am today.

From your first day at Saintfield High School, you are welcomed with open arms. The warm, friendly, and welcoming atmosphere of this rural, family-focused school definitely makes it much easier to settle into Year 8.

At present, I am in Year 12 and, in writing this, I have looked back on how far I have come with a smile on my face. I have so many exceptional and significant memories of my time here which I know I will forever cherish and will repeatedly look back on for the rest of my life.

When I first entered Saintfield High School as a Year 8 pupil, I don’t mind telling you that I was one of the quietest in the class. It says so much about the quality of care that my teachers have given me that, now, I have the privilege of serving as Head Girl. I never thought that I would have the honour to carry out such a prestigious and important role within the school.

I won’t deny that I am sad that this is my last year at Saintfield High School and I will be very disheartened when the time comes for me to leave. However, whatever the future holds for me, I know that my teachers have done all they can to ensure that I achieve my best in my exams and I am ready to face the future.

Primary 7s, I would strongly encourage you to consider choosing Saintfield High School as your post-primary option. You will thrive here and be pushed to accomplish the best grades that you are capable of throughout your time here. I wholeheartedly hope that you follow in my footsteps and become a pupil of this wonderful, joyful and, frankly, exceptional school – you won’t regret it.

Lucy Langford

Head Girl

Although you are all at the beginning of your post-primary school adventure, personally, I find it hard to believe that my time at Saintfield High School is coming to a close! It seems like it was just last week when I first walked through the doors of my new school as a shy and anxious 11-year-old.

Back then, in September 2018, I was nervous about what life at “Big School” would be like. However, I shouldn’t have worried! The teachers, the support staff and my new classmates and friends were all so kind and welcoming. These people have all helped me to grow into the person I am today. Five years later, I am proud to say that it is my absolute privilege to represent this wonderful school as Head Boy.

I have so many rich and happy memories of my years at Saintfield High School, but without doubt the highlight of my time here has been the opportunity to develop my passion for sport. I am sport mad, and have enjoyed representing the school in football, rugby, hockey and athletics. I have even had the chance to take part in overnight hill-walking and orienteering courses in the spectacular Mourne Mountains.

I am now a keen student of GCSE PE, where my teachers help me to develop my knowledge, understanding and skills in a huge variety of sports. I am determined to seek a career in sport, and I know that my teachers at Saintfield High School have prepared me well for the future.

If you are in Primary 7 and are considering joining Saintfield High School, let me assure you that you will not regret it. I know from experience that the teachers will do everything they can to help you reach your full potential.

I know I will really miss this school when June comes and it is finally my time to leave, but I know that my years at Saintfield High School will stay with me forever.

Corey Campbell

Head Boy