The School

Our History

Saintfield High School is situated in the heart of Saintfield Village and has served successfully the area and its wider rural community for over 60 years.

As a rural school, which enjoys a warm friendly community atmosphere, we share an ethos which is based upon traditional family values.  Embedded within our mission statement is the aim to provide an educational experience which targets the individual excellence within all our pupils.

We enrol boys and girls 11 – 16 years old and welcome those of all abilities, aptitudes and needs.  P7 children can apply for a place at Saintfield High School without having to sit an entrance test.

Messages from our Head Girl & Head Boy

Hello Primary 7s - You are all about to begin the next stage of your school journey, and I would like to take this opportunity to strongly encourage you to come to Saintfield High School. I understand that moving to postprimary school can be daunting, and you may think that Saintfield High School is much bigger than the primary school you are preparing to leave. However, I can assure you, however, that every pupil receives the warmest of welcomes here, from both the staff and fellow pupils. As I reflect on my time here at Saintfield High School, I find it difficult to believe how quickly time has flown by. I know it is a cliché, but it really does feel like yesterday that I was in your shoes, worrying about the move to Big School. Now, just five years later, with a host of educational experiences behind me, it is an honour and privilege to fulfil the role and duties of Head Girl at Saintfield High School. Believe me – the quiet and shy Primary 7 girl that I was, wouldn’t believe how far I have come. I want to assure you all that the teachers here at Saintfield High School have your best interests at heart and will do everything in their power to help you to realise your full potential. They truly do want to make your time here a memorable, enriching and most enjoyable experience. I want to finish by wishing you all well. I urge you to make Saintfield High School your choice for the future. Take it from me: it will be a fantastic choice, and one that in the years ahead you will reflect on with the utmost pride.





Samera McMullen Head Girl

If you had told me when I first entered the school gates in September 2017 that I would one day have the honour of being Head Boy, I would not have believed you. I entered the school as a quiet and unassuming little boy and will be leaving this year as a confident young man, hopefully prepared for a bright future. From the very first day at Saintfield High School, you will feel supported and nurtured as your teachers provide an amazing place to grow and develop. This school is somewhere where anything is possible. Saintfield High School is a school that truly helps all pupils become the best that they can be. I see evidence of this every day when I look around our classrooms, corridors and our playgrounds. Personally, I have found that the school’s child-centred and pastoral approach has helped to shape my character, making me the person I am today. I know that you are all currently considering your future. You may be feeling anxious and full of questions about what’s to come. I would like to reassure you that I have found real success here, both academically and personally, making life long memories, experiences and friends. At Saintfield High School we set high aspirations for ourselves and are challenged by our teachers on a daily basis to be the best we can be. I encourage you to take full advantage of all the opportunities on offer, both inside and outside of the classroom, and entrust your future in this local community school. From hockey and swimming, to passing exams and climbing mountains, I really feel like I have done it all during my time here. As I prepare to leave Saintfield High School, I cannot say for certain where the future will take me. I do know, however, that whatever opportunities or challenges I face in the years ahead, Saintfield High School has done everything it can to prepare me for that future. I am very proud to say I am a student of Saintfield High School and I would like all Primary 7 children to consider this school for their futures, so they too can experience a place like no other!

Harry McFarland Head Boy