The School

Our History

Saintfield High School is situated in the heart of Saintfield Village and has served successfully the area and its wider rural community for over 60 years.

As a rural school, which enjoys a warm friendly community atmosphere, we share an ethos which is based upon traditional family values.  Embedded within our mission statement is the aim to provide an educational experience which targets the individual excellence within all our pupils.

We enrol boys and girls 11 – 16 years old and welcome those of all abilities, aptitudes and needs.  P7 children can apply for a place at Saintfield High School without having to sit an entrance test.

Messages from our Head Girl & Head Boy

It was back in September 2016 when an anxious, nervous, somewhat shy girl called Lucy took her first steps through the doors of Saintfield High School.

That girl was me, and there was no disputing it: those first few days were a whirlwind of emotions. I was the only girl from my old primary school who had moved to Saintfield High School, and I have to admit to being very worried about making friends.

I shouldn’t have worried. The welcoming atmosphere of the school was obvious from the first minute, and the excellent communication between my teachers and parents soon had me at ease. I made good friends in no time at all!

That welcoming atmosphere I mentioned isn’t just for Year 8s or newcomers.
No, I can honestly say that we are all met daily with positivity and warmth from our teachers, our classroom assistants and all of the support staff. The teachers here really believe in our abilities and are so encouraging.

During my time at Saintfield High School, I have had made so many amazing
memories. Back at the start of Year 8 I could not have imagined the full range
of what I would experience during my time here.

Let’s see: I was privileged to be the captain when our U14 Hockey Team won
the league shield a few years ago. I travelled with many of my classmates to the freezing slopes of Bulgaria for a school ski trip. I have performed with our school choir in front of crowds of hundreds. All of these experiences, and many more besides, have pushed me a little bit further out of my comfort zone and helped me to develop my self-confidence. I will forever be grateful to my teachers for believing in me.

Inside the classroom, too, I have experienced so much. I am studying for my GCSEs this year, and I can honestly say that my teachers each work so hard on behalf of their classes. From Maths to Science, English to Geography, every lesson is different. I’m a country girl at heart, and Mrs Jackson’s GCSE Agriculture and Land Use lessons really stand out for me. I wonder what your favourite subject will be?

At the end of Year 11, I was honoured to be selected as Head Girl for the year 2020/21. When I think back to that shy and anxious little girl who arrived in 2016, it really feels like she has come a long way!

Of course, this year has had many challenges, caused by the Coronavirus pandemic. All of us – from our principal, Miss Hynds, to all of the staff, and right down to the very youngest Year 8 - have had to adapt to ensure a safe learning environment for us all. We are able to meet these challenges, though, thanks to the strong values of teamwork, patience and care that we share as a school community.

As Head Girl, I would like to encourage you all to join us here at Saintfield
High School. It is such a warm, welcoming and wonderful place; a real family school. Part of me is jealous that my time here is ending just as yours is beginning. If you do decide to come here, I know that you won’t forget it.

Lucy Rodgers

It really doesn’t seem that long ago since I was a Primary 7 pupil, visiting Saintfield High School for their Open Evening. I will never forget that evening. I was so impressed with everything about the school – from the great facilities, to the friendly faces - that I knew that it was the place for me.

I was very eager and excited to begin my journey with Saintfield High School. I really saw it as a fresh start after Primary School. Even though I had been looking forward
to becoming a Year 8 pupil, I was still a little nervous on my first day. I suppose that is only natural. However, with the support of my form tutor, Mr Murphy, as well as all of the friends I made in 8MY, I was soon in to the swing of things.
It wasn’t long before Saintfield High School began to feel like home.

Sport is a big part of my life and I have been lucky enough to have represented the school in a wide variety of sports during my time here: Football, Rugby, Hockey – you name it. Sport is really valued here at Saintfield High School. Sporting success is recognised every year at its own Prize Day event.

If Sport isn’t your thing, though, I know there will be something for you at Saintfield High School. For instance, music is another big part of life here, and plenty of my
classmates get involved in the choir and band.

It is difficult to believe that my own time at Saintfield High
School is drawing to an end. Back in the Spring, I was appointed Head Boy for 2020/2021, something that has increased my confidence. Miss Hynds and the teachers saw something in me that I didn’t see in myself. I am delighted – and very, very proud - that they chose me. I never would have believed that this was possible back when I first visited the school as a Primary 7 pupil.

I know the decision about which post-primary school to choose can be a difficult one. I want to take this chance to strongly recommend that you come to Saintfield High
School. I have really enjoyed my time here. I know that I won’t just be leaving this school with a set of GCSE examination results. I will be leaving with a lifetime’s worth of amazing memories from all that I have experienced.
I can honestly say that the staff are dedicated to making each pupil the best that they can be. There really is no other school like it!

Mark Anderson