Afternoon Tea for Prefects with a Special Guest

As a huge thank you for all of their hard work and commitment to the school, Saintfield High School’s team of eager and enthusiastic Prefects for the current academic year (2017/2018) enjoyed afternoon tea with their Principal, Miss Sarah-Lucy Hynds, and special guest, previous Principal, Ms Vivien Watt.

A thoroughly enjoyable time was had by all before the Prefects tenure came to a close, to make way for a new cohort. Ms Vivien Watt retired from the post of Principal of Saintfield High School at the end of 2016 and current Principal, Miss Hynds, stated that “it was an absolute honour to welcome Ms Watt back for our farewell to the Prefects, and the boys and girls really appreciated her attendance, since she had the privilege of watching the pupils grow and mature from Year 8”.

Ms Watt is pictured beside the plaque which hangs proudly on the side of the school’s Sports Hall in recognition of the time she served as Principal from 2004 – 2016.