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The Governors of Saintfield High School are delighted to announce the appointment of Miss Sarah-Lucy Hynds as Principal.

Dear Visitor

As Principal of Saintfield High School, I consider it a privilege to be able to lead this thriving school community. The school will celebrate its sixtieth anniversary in 2018; a testament to the enduring role it continues to play within the wider County Down area.

Saintfield High School enjoys a rich history of both academic and personal excellence, embedded in the strong relationships that exist between home and school, and between our staff and pupils.

Ms Watt - Principal of Saintfield High School

The diversity of experiences we provide for all our students is underlined by our strong child-centred provision, and in our high quality practices of teaching and learning. As a school community, each and every one of us shares the aspiration of creating and maintaining a learning environment which fosters and celebrates high standards in every single area of school life.

Our foundations built on firm family and community values are strengthened when we respect and celebrate our traditions, while looking to future to embrace all those opportunities that will ensure our pupils continue to be positive contributors to today's vastly changing society. I am passionate about the future of Saintfield High School, and about inspiring the future of its successes and achievements.

I have always been extremely impressed by the achievements of our young people, both inside and outside of the classroom. Our pupils are inquisitive, engaging, and importantly, proud to be students of Saintfield High School.

Our teachers and members of support staff are equally impressive with their skills, professionalism, dedication and commitment to our boys and girls, providing an exceptional educational experience for all children, with an emphasis on celebrating individual excellence, and on meeting the holistic needs of every child.

At Saintfield High School, we recognise the primary role of parents and carers in educating our young people, and the significant impact your involvement makes upon each pupil. I understand the importance of engaging families in our pupils' overall learning, and have never taken for granted the rich source of information and expertise that our parents and carers bring to our learning community.

I am delighted that you have taken the time to visit our website and find out more about Saintfield High School. For our prospective Year 8 pupils, please visit our ‘Why come to us?’ section for more details.

Sarah-Lucy Hynds


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Saintfield High School will now be CLOSED today, due to a forecast of much more heavy snow to come. Please stay safe everyone.

Substance Abuse Workshop

Substance Abuse Workshop

Constable’s Phil Quinn and Gemma McGrogan, give our Senior School classes a talk on ‘Substance Abuse’

Saintfield generations link up with IT!

Saintfield generations link up with IT!

Saintfield High School has been the place to be over the last 11 weeks to learn how to get online! The school had been keen to develop intergenerational and community activities and eagerly got involved in the ‘Digital Age Project’. Monday afternoons saw pupils from Year 11 volunteer to stay behind in school each week to help a group of older learners from the local Saintfield Parish Church’s ‘Wednesday Welcome Group’ become more confident in using technology and see how it could be applied to their everyday lives. A few other local over 55’s took the opportunity to join in the sessions and one is now a new Wednesday Welcome group member! Pupils acted as ‘tutors’ teaching individuals on a one to one basis using The Digital Age Project IT ‘toolkit’. This free, easy to use resource can be downloaded by any individual or organisation from This project was set up and co-ordinated by Linking Generations NI with sessions overseen by Paul O’Hare, computer tutor for partner organisation Ignite IT. It aimed to bring generations in communities together in order to build positive relationships and enable older participants to develop their digital and online skills.
Pupils commented that it was very satisfying sharing their IT knowledge with others and seeing individuals become confident in using websites and apps relating to their specific interests. They said they had enjoyed meeting the older learners, the sessions were good fun and they found it interesting swapping life stories, adding that they had gained patience and confidence in their own abilities with some stating they would like to work with older people as a career. Older participants commented that it was a happy, relaxed group with polite, enthusiastic and helpful pupils and most felt they had gained confidence in using their iPads and tablets. Working at their own pace proved to be a great way to learn in an informal supportive environment. The school intends to continue to develop their links with the Wednesday Welcome Group and to reach out to elders in the local care home.